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1µg, 5µg
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Sci-B-Vac is indicated for active immunization against hepatitis B virus, Immunisation against hepatitis B should also protect against hepatitis D, caused by the delta virus, since hepatitis D only occurs in the presence of hepatitis B infection.

Immunisation against hepatitis B is expected, in the long term, to reduce not only the incidence of the disease but also its chronic complications such as massive hepatic necrosis, cirrhosis of the liver and hepatocellular carcinoma.

Vaccination with Sci-B-Vac is recommended for all ages in those subjects who are will be at increased risk of infection with hepatitis B virus. In areas of high prevalence of infection, the majority of the population is at high risk, especially neonates and children. In high risk areas infection occurs primarily through mother-child transmission. Therefore vaccination should be targeted to prevent such transmission. In areas of low infants and adolescents, as well as subjects who are or will be increased risk of infection, such as:

·         Health care personnel

·         Frequent recipients of blood products

·         Infants born to HBsAg-positive mothers

·         Personnel and residents of public health institutions

·         Persons at increased risk of the disease due to their sexual practices

·         Travellers to areas with high endemicity of HBV

·         Persons originating from areas of high endemicity

·         Users of ollicit  injectable drugs

·         Military personnel, police personnel and anybody who through their work or personal lifestyle may be exposed to HBV

·         Family members and other in intimate contact wih persistent HBsAg-positive individuals